Websites/blogs seem so necessary now for any business, but not only to they take a lot of planning but also time away from  what your business is all about. I will try my best to keep you updated and informed, but forgive me if that doesn’t happen all the time. What is that actually? What do I do?

All things parties!

Business 101 is to have a focus, well I guess I have failed because I want to do everything. Maybe one day. I love crafting/creating party decor and then throwing that epic soiree. Why should I limit my self?

I am the weirdo that actually enjoyed planning my wedding. I want to do it all over again….with the same man of course. I am also that annoying friend that wiggles her way into your party planning, must know every detail and then sends you a million pictures and links to help.

Take a look around here and on my Etsy page. Contact me if you have any questions.


Savannah Jessie

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