The Great Debate

The Great Debate – Kids or no kids

*If you are a person with a child, please do not take offense to or make a deal about your kids not being invited to the event. This day is about the couple. NOT YOU*

Back to the bride-

I realize I had pretty easy, my people didn’t make a fuss about kids not being invited to our wedding. I wrote the invites with the names of these who were invites. We allowed our nieces and 2 cousins, who were travelling from out of town and thankfully were very well behaved.

I enjoyed both sides of the spectrum, having our beloved little ones there was really special. Especially when the dancing started! I also enjoyed not having kids running around and doing kid things. So I get it, I got my cake and ate it too. You can to!

Here are my tips if you do not want children at the wedding

  • COMMUNICATE – you would think that not including the children’s names on the invites would be end of discussion. You cannot assume that people will get the hint OR that they won’t be hurt. You may have to make it clear to people why you don’t want children. Clearly and nicely, explain to them your vision and feelings. Then tell them you understand if they don’t want to come without their offspring.
  • Some people feel like if you invite some kids you have to invite them all. You do not. Refer back to communication and work through it.
  • Most people want a kid free night! Our guests took this opportunity for a night out on the town and enlisted the appropriate babysitters.
  • Invites are yours to give out as you please. If you feel strongly about this, remember it is your wedding and you get the last say.

If you do decide to have the little ones, check out my upcoming blog post on how to entertain them.

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