Keeping the Kids Busy

For better or worse, you have decided to allow kids into the wedding.  It is really special, make sure to get a dance with them. They’ll love to see you all dressed up like a princess.

Keeping them busy is key to ensuring they and their parents stay cool, calm and collected. I put together a bag of things to keep them preoccupied and quiet.

  • Food – ensure they meet any of the dietary restrictions. I took a box of organic rice cookies and divided out the little packages to the bags.
  • Finger puppets – kids, siblings and parents can participate
  • Books – self explanatory
  • Colouring – I found these paper puppets that needed colouring- dual purpose!

These don’t have to be expensive, but make sure there is variety and options.  I everything but the food from winners, dollarstore. Buy a couple packages and divide them between the bags.

I asked an older cousin to give the bags to the families – 1 bag/family.

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