5 Wedding Trends We Want to Stay

When it comes to trends and weddings, things get a bit tricky. “These pictures are forever, I don’t want regrets” “I’m going more traditional because I know it works” or “It’s how it’s always been done”. Well, wedding traditions aren’t really traditions, someone just started doing it and it hasn’t stopped. Or it is a tradition for a weird reason. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is what you want and makes sense for your day. Here are a few new trends that should be fully embraced.


  1.  Fun pictures – we love seeing the “behind the scenes” pictures – getting ready, goofy, party pictures after people have loosened up. This helps capture the whole day and lends itself to finding those tender moments that you wouldn’t see during posed picture time. We still encourage the posed pictures, of course, but make fun a priority too.
    Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash
  2. Let them eat cake, donuts, cake pops or pie. This is a really tasty new trend. We have seen donut walls, donut cakes, macaron trees, you name it. This is a part of the wedding you can have a lot of fun with, so embrace it.
    Photo by The HK Photo Company on Unsplash
  3.  Comfy shoes! Ditch the expensive, sky-high heels and wear done something you can actually wear the whole day.
    Photo by Hanna Morris on Unsplash
  4. The first look. This is when a bride and groom see each other for the first time before the ceremony and usually alone. This is beneficial for a number of reasons including getting all the nerves out then, a truly intimate moment and you can express yourself without 200 eyeballs on you. If you choose to have people there to document it, the pictures are wonderful.
    Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash
  5. Colored wedding dresses. Let’s face it, most of us shouldn’t be wearing all white on our wedding day anyway. So let’s embrace some colour! Truth be told, I went traditional on the wedding dress but now totally wish I had some colour.

Remember, it is you day – have fun with it!

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